Fairground fury over ‘invasion’ of Bulwell Hall Park

NO FUN OF THE FAIR -- residents are angry about a fair being set up on a 'village-green' area of Bulwell Hall Park
NO FUN OF THE FAIR -- residents are angry about a fair being set up on a 'village-green' area of Bulwell Hall Park

Angry residents fear a weekend of noise, hassle, damage and upset after a funfair ‘invaded’ part of Bulwell Hall Park, only yards from their homes.

“It is going to be a nightmare,” said spokesman Dave Evans after a posse of trucks, with fairground rides and stalls, parked on a grassed area, off Sandhurst Road, that used to be home of Bulwell Cricket Club.

“When they first arrived, we thought they were travellers,” said Mr Evans, who lives on nearby Riseborough Walk. “But it’s actually a fair taking place for four nights this weekend.

“They say they have permission from Nottingham City Council, who own the land, but you can’t just put a fair up without consulting the residents who live here.

“More than 50% of the area has been taken up. The fair will be no more than 40 yards from the front doors of people’s homes, which have open-plan front gardens.”

Mr Evans feared that visitors to the fair would impinge on residents’ privacy and cause car-parking congestion. He was also certain the park’s grass would be damaged beyond repair.

“The area has been turned into a lovely ground where baseball is played most weekends,” he said. “But now about 20 large lorries have totally destroyed the pitch, which will never be the same again.

“The council is riding roughshod over the residents. They wanted to build on this land a few years back, but an action group stopped them. We tried to get village-green status for it. People use it in the summer for picnicking.”

Neil Ehrhart, markets and events service manager at the city council, said: “We are sorry that residents weren’t consulted on this fair and accept that lessons can be learned for the future. It’s fairly standard practice for us to allow fairs to take place on our parks, but this is the first to be held at Bulwell Hall Park. It is a one-year agreement with the organisers.

“We will closely monitor what happens this weekend, and listen to any further feedback we get.”