Fattest cat given special diet

FATTEST CAT -- Sophie, who needs to lose weight and become more active
FATTEST CAT -- Sophie, who needs to lose weight and become more active

A VETS’ surgery in Hucknall is treating the largest, fattest cat it has ever dealt with.

The white and black moggie, Sophie, which is currently in the surgery’s animal hospital, weighs more than 31lbs!

Sophie’s owner lives in Hucknall but does not want to be identified.

She said traumatic experiences had led to Sophie becoming grossly overweight through a lack of exercise.

The eight-year-old cat formerly lived in the much warmer climate of Gibraltar and experienced three house moves after coming to England with her owner.

“She tends to dive under a bed and stay there for a long time,” said the owner.

“This means she has not been getting the exercise she needs to keep healthy. She might also be missing the brighter natural light of Gibraltar.”

The owner said she took Sophie to the Buckley House surgery on West Street just before Christmas because the cat developed pneumonia and she heard her wheezing.

“It is such a shame because she is a gentle and lovely cat,” the owner added.

Sophie is being treated by vet Miriam Lynch, who said she had put her on a special diet and was encouraging her to move around to burn off calories.

“The underlying aim is to build up Sophie’s confidence so that she can overcome her psychological problem,” said Miriam.

“We are working closely with the owner to achieve this objective. Looking after Sophie needs a lot of tender loving care.”