Fears over future of village social club

07-0750-1  Bestwood Village Social Club
07-0750-1 Bestwood Village Social Club
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A MAJOR dispute at Bestwood Village Social Club has led to the resignations of three directors and eight members of the general committee.

One of the committee members to have walked out, Vaughan Jackson, says he fears for the future of the club.

He claims difficulties have arisen because of ‘poor management decisions at senior level’.

Mr Jackson (54), who has lived in Bestwood all his life, has been a member of the club for 36 years and served on the committee for five years.

He said: “My decision to resign was not an easy one. But it is was due to a failure, in my opinion, of the senior management to appreciate and understand what the club members want and how to progress and improve the club in the current economc climate.

“This has led to obvious frustrations and unrest.

“I do not wish to see the club deteriorate. I believe the club plays an important and integral part in the community and has an impact on many lives, both young and old.

“But I am of the opinion that unless some action is taken, the club will most likely close.”

One of the directors who has resigned, David Willetts, said the club had been going downhill rapidly and there was a need to turn things around if it was to survive.

Mr Willetts claimed that a big bone of contention was that a loan to the club from a brewery, originally £25,000, had not been paid off, even though a financial advisor had said this should be done.

He added that the dispute had reached the stage where a petition was being circulated to highlight the complaints about how the club was being run.

Club secretary Lol Smith said the directors and committee members who had resigned wanted money which the club had received as a registered charity to be used to reduce beer prices, and he did not think this was acceptable.

He insisted that the loan was gradually being paid off without interfering with the club’s charity assets and it was now down to just over £11,000.

“We have spent more than £8,000 in the last few months on improvements at the club,” said Mr Smith.

He added that he recognised the valuable service given by the people who had resigned and he was saddened that they had felt it necessary to come to this decision.

Mr Smith insisted that the management was fully appreciative of the volunteers’ contribution.