Festival fans urged to use Sheffield’s public transport to get to Tramlines

Tramlines has teamed up with ‘Not Driving’ (a sustainable transport campaign), Supertram and Northern Rail to encourage people to ditch their cars and make use of Sheffield’s public transport network over the festival weekend. The main site at Ponderosa Park does not have a parking facility so it’s essential that people are aware of the alternatives.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th June 2015, 5:35 pm
Crowd go wild at last years Tramlines
Crowd go wild at last years Tramlines

During the festival weekend, Sheffield becomes one huge festival site and transport is vital to the smooth running of the event. The best way to travel to Sheffield from other cities and towns is via the train network. Sheffield is easily accessible from all the major cities and you can book your tickets via the Northern Rail widget on the Tramlines siteAfter arriving at Sheffield Train Station, the quickest route to the main stage and almost all of the Tramlines venues is to jump onto the Supertram at the Sheffield Station stop (adjacent to the train platforms).

To help sustain the unique atmosphere over the weekend, the Supertram network will become awash with the sound of music as live bands take to the rails to deliver unique, free performances to commuters around Sheffield during the Tramlines. This is the first time that the Supertram network has featured live music and is a fantastic way to celebrate their 21st anniversary. Anyone who has experienced the famous Busker’s Buses in previous years will know exactly what to expect.

Supertram are selling a special £3 ticket that will allow a complete day of travel within the festival zone (Sheffield Station – Shalesmoor) over he weekend. Most of the venues are accessible via the tram so festival attendees can hop on and off in their journey throughout the festival. Tickets will be sold on the trams themselves and from the Tramlines box office at Sheffield City Hall.

First buses are also running a shuttle to take people from the main stage at Ponderosa to The Folk Forest at Endcliffe Park or 50p throughout the festival.

Stagecoach Supertram Managing Director Margaret Kay said: “Tramlines is one of Sheffield’s most popular events and we are delighted to be on board as travel partner this year, which also marks the 21st anniversary of the tram network in the city. With tram services serving most of the main music venues throughout the festival, and live music on board, we hope people will use our greener, smarter services to make the most of this fantastic event.”

For more info on transport at Tramlines and a chance to win VIP tickets to the event, please visit ‘Getting Here’ on the official site. To enter the competition you have to pledge the miles you have saved by Not Driving to Tramlines.