Fight to join the superhighway

MORE support is needed by residents and businesses across the dispatch district to boost Nottinghamshire County Council’s broadband campaign.

The council is hoping to take their Superfast Broadband in Notts campaign to the Government in a bid to increase access and the speed of access for all residents and businesses county-wide.

But more pledges are needed if they are to reach their 5,000 target by the Autumn.

“Since we launched the campaign, the county council has been inundated with pledges of support and stories about how bad broadband is impacting ordinary people, suffocating the local economy and preventing growth,” said Coun Kay Cutts, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council.

“From children unable to do homework assignments and farmers unable to submit vital information online to DEFRA to businesses unable to host websites and families unable to view Olympic coverage online - a lack of broadband is disadvantaging thousands of our residents.

“The more pledges of support we can get for the campaign, the louder the message we can send to the telecoms companies that there is a demand for broadband and the greater the chance we will get it and get it sooner.”

One in five properties in the county are digitally disadvantaged either due to slow broadband speeds or no broadband at all. This is creating problems in homes, schools and businesses for thousands of people.

The Government are claiming that faster broadband speeds are on their way and that by 2015, 90 per cent of the country will be enjoying speeds of 24Mbps.

However, In Nottinghamshire, many areas are struggling and in order not to be left in the superhighway slow lane, the council are pushing for support.

Residents and businesses can pledge their support for faster broadband speeds in Nottinghamshire by:

The total estimated infrastructure cost of providing better broadband access for everyone in the county is £17million.

So far, Nottinghamshire County Council has pledged £2.5million, £4.25million has been provisionally allocated by Government and the seven county district councils have pledged £1million towards the costs.

Residents and businesses who want to pledge their support for the campaign should visit the website, or call the county council Contact Centre on 08449 80 80 80.