Film quiz for cinema scheme

Tilly Gunn, Finley and Ellie Straw
Tilly Gunn, Finley and Ellie Straw

A family of film buffs held a garden party with a movie quiz to support the Byron Project in Hucknall.

The party in Heather Straw’s house on Farley’s Lane on Sunday August 16 ran from 2pm to 4pm and raised a fantastic £115 for the project which aims to restore the iconic Byron cinema in the town centre.

Ten-year-old film fans Tilly Gunn, Finley and Ellie Straw organised the party, which also featured a cake and drink stall and a raffle.

Heather said: “The sun was shining so we sold ice creams and smoothies from our beach shack to family and friends.

“It would be really good to have the cinema open in Hucknall again. I don’t think we realised until we lost it. The Project have so many different ideas. They really want to bring it up to date. It would offer something to the teenagers. There’s a gap in Hucknall that could be really well filled. Hopefully this will be a good time to bring it back.”

The cheque will be presented at the next meeting of the Byron Project on Saturday September 19 at 2pm at the cinema. Everyone is welcome.