Fire authority cuts meeting

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A public meeting has taken place to discuss Nottinghamshire Fire Authority’s proposal to slash £2.4m from the county’s fire service budget.

Residents joined firefighters at the Three Lion’s pub, in Meden Vale, on Monday last week to discuss the cuts, which could lead to the closure of Warsop Fire Station and the removal of a fire engine from Mansfield Fire Station.

Karen Seymour, from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), which organised the meeting, said: “The Fire Authority can stand up to the Government and refuse to carry out these potentially life-threatening cuts, or it can do the Government’s dirty work almost without question, making the likelihood of a serious incident that much greater.

“The authority tried to make similar cuts in 2010, but had to back down after a strong campaign by local people. It isn’t the fault of ordinary people that the economy is in such a state. The bankers haven’t suffered at all in this recession.”

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