Firefighters tackle a spate of grass fires in Kirkby

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NEWS: News.

Firefighters in Ashfield say a spate of grass fires thought to be deliberately started are hampering crews needed to deal with genuine emergencies.

Arsonists are thought to have started fires on land between Mill Lane and Park Lane, Kirkby at 7.40pm last night (Monday).

The blaze follows a similar fire in the same area on Sunday night and around 10 grass fires in recent days.

A fire services spokesman said; “It is difficult to access these areas and it is hard work to put the fires out.

“With the hot weather everything is tinder dry. We think it is probably one or two individuals who are starting these fires.

“We need to educate people about the danger of starting fires. If there is a genuine emergency like a house fire or a traffic accident it is tying up our resources and we would be struggling.”