Fireman stresses need for safety in the home

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‘SAFETY In The Home’ was the theme of a talk by Neil Chauntry, from Hucknall fire station, at a meeting of Hucknall Men’s Probus Club, held at the Horse And Groom pub in Linby.

Mr Chauntry said chip pans, toasters, electric cables and overloading of electric sockets were the main causes of house fires. Among a list of tips he gave to ensure homes being safe and secure were:

ENSURE electric and gas fires are fully switched off when not in use and don’t dry clothes on a convector heater.

DOUBLE-check that ceramic hobs are fully switched off.

SWITCH the TV off at night and don’t leave on stand-by.

BE CAREFUL when using candles and smoking. Ensure that candles and cigarettes are fully extinguished by dipping in water.

DON’T sleep with the electric blanket switched on. Have it checked by the Fire Service at least every three years.

CHECK if windows are locked and that you have the key in the room if you need to exit the house in a hurry.

ENSURE that inflammable materials are kept to a minimum when stored in a shed or garage.

BE AWARE when children are playing close to a garden pond.

MAKE SURE older people need to be careful of loose rugs and mats around the house.

AND HAVE smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms with their batteries charged yearly, preferably on your birthday as a memory aid.

Mr Chauntry also recommended an escape plan in the event of house fires. He said: “If fire breaks out while you are upstairs, see that your bedroom doors are shut, go to the window, open it and shout for help.

“Dial 999 from your mobile. Don’t attempt to jump out of the window!”

He added that a night-time routine was useful, ensuring that all doors were locked with the keys hidden near the door but not left in the lock. “Shut all doors and windows and switch off all electrical appliances,” he added. “Ensure that you have your mobile phone with you.”

Mr Chauntry was introduced by the speaker secretary, Richard Upton, and thanked by club president Ron Holdsworth. A raffle was won by Stan Grainger, the Rev Eric Ashby and Eric Croft.