Firework advice for pets

WITH Bonfire Night fast approaching, a Hucknall-based vet has given timely advice on how to protect pets from the stresses of fireworks.

Daniella McCready, clinical director of the Orchard House surgery on Vine Terrace, said more than 50% of family pets fear the sounds made by fireworks.

“If untreated, this gets worse and often progresses to other sound phobias, such as thunder and even slamming doors,” she told the Dispatch.

“We are increasingly treating more and more pets for firework phobias but there are some simple methods owners can use to minimise the stress on their pets.”

Advice includes creating a den or hiding place where animals feel safe. Noise can be muffled by keeping curtains closed and turning up the TV or radio.

Vets can also prescribe medication if pets do not settle.