First-aid training for schools

SCHOOLS in Hucknall and Bulwell are being urged to take advantage of free, tailor-made first-aid courses to help keep their pupils and staff safe.

St John Ambulance has come up with specialist workshops that can be taken by teachers during their ‘inset’ training days.

The lifesaving courses enable schools to choose their own modules, relating to a specific first-aid technique, and tailor training to their needs.

It can be delivered in-school as a full-day or half-day session.

Options available include three core modules, with other elements attached or a pre-designed four-hour course with practical demonstrations.

Mel Fox, regional director for St John Ambulance training in the Midlands, said: “Schools, like any other employer, have a legal responsibility to provide first-aid training to their staff.

“But even more importantly, we’re talking about giving teachers and support staff vital skills which could mean they are the difference between a life lost and a life saved when faced with an emergency on school premises.”

Throughout the UK, teachers are to set aside five days each year during term time for staff training, which will be run either at the school or at an external venue close by.

The Dispatch district boasts thriving divisions of the St John Ambulance organisation.