First Art in Hucknall - for free!

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A free art event in Hucknall this Sunday will combine the talents of an i-pad artist and a poet.

Everyone is welcome to First Art, hosted at the John Godber Centre this Sunday, from 3pm to 5pm, which features work by Mik Godley (iPad artist) and Matt Black (poet), as well as a buffet and refreshments.

It kicks off a programme of activity over the next two years, including visits to exciting arts events and performances across the country as well as bringing renowned artists into the area.

Chairman Tony Trafford said: “We believe this is a very exciting project which we hope will have a long term positive effect on the areas of Ashfield, Bolsover, Mansfield and NE Derbyshire. We have lots of ideas of the kinds of art and artists we’d like to bring but what we really want is for people to tell us what they want. We hope this will be the start of a great relationship between First Art and our area.”

The name First Art comes from the first art carved into the caves of Creswell Crags some 14,000 years ago. For more email or Gary Huddless on Follow on Twitter @FirstArtProject