Flickering shadows cast by turbine’s blades

UNDER SCRUTINY: Are wind turbines a waste?
UNDER SCRUTINY: Are wind turbines a waste?

A wind turbine proposed for Green Belt land in Newstead will supply enough renewable energy to power over 700 homes, say developers.

If greenlit, the turbine will be erected on a former colliery site within Newstead and Annesley Country Park, east if the village.

The turbine would have a maximum height of 100m, with a hub height of 61.5m and three 77m blades.

Designers Stillwind Ltd submitted plans to Gedling Borough Council on behalf of Redpath Energy Ltd, which include an external transformer and connection building, hardstanding area, access and cables, over 0.6 hectares of land.

In the design and access statement, the firm says: “This planning application is a significant element of the strategic plan of Rural Community

Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN) in that it would help secure a financial future for Newstead & Annesley Country Park by providing both electricity and revenue for the Park.”

County councillor Chris Barnfather said: “I am not opposed to wind turbines per se. I understand about cutting down on fossil fuels.

“To me the issue is always about where they are sited and the potential impact on the area.

“Does it adversely affect nearby residents and how overbearing will it be?”

Coun Barnfather said he was waiting to see scientific evidence that will justify erecting the turbine in the Green Belt and its effect in the surrounding conservation areas.

He said: “Does it pass the test of very special circumstances?”