Floods create Hucknall lake and village chaos

The flooded Moor Road in Bestwood Village
The flooded Moor Road in Bestwood Village

TWO roads in the Dispatch have become flooding hotspots during the persistent heavy rain in December.

One is Nabbs Lane, Hucknall, and the other is at the Moor Road ‘dip’ near Bestwood Village’s boundary with Bulwell.

Overflows from the brook next to Holgate Comprehensive School is thought to be the cause of a ‘lake’ forming across Nabbs Lane.

Coun Mick Murphy, a Hucknall Conservative member of Notts County Council and its lead member for community safety, said he had visited the back of Jubilee Court old people’s home in a bid to pinpoint the exact source of the flooding.

“I can assure residents that we will look into carrying out remedial action at the earliest opportunity,” said Coun Murphy. “Fortunately, the flooding has not caused the sort of traffic problems suffered by some other areas of the county.

“I have never known Nabbs Lane to flood like this before but the amount of rain we have had lately is quite exceptional.”

Meanwhile, the flooded section of Moor Road was still closed to traffic this week — 11 days after it first flooded — and there has been an angry reaction from residents of the village.

One of them, Jack Ashworth, said he had made a strong complaint to the county council, which is responsible for maintaining Nottinghamshire’s roads.

Mr Ashworth claimed: “The closure of an important access route for so long, even without the intervention of Christmas, causing considerable detours to become necessary and potentially putting lives at risk with a possible delay of emergency services to the village, is not acceptable.”

The steward of Bestwood Village Social Club on Park Road, Simon West, said it had lost ‘quite a bit of money’ because of the road closure, with people having to pay between £27 and £30 in taxi fares to get to the premises because of a traffic diversion.

Mr West hit out at a lack of information about the road being blocked and when it was likely to be reopened.

Coun Chris Barnfather, a Conservative member of the county council, whose ward includes Bestwood, said the road had been kept closed for safety reasons.

He stressed that he had ‘huge sympathy’ for Bestwood residents and he had called out highways officers to tackle the problem.

Even while workmen were on the site, motorists had tried to drive through and one car got stuck in the deep water, said Coun Barnfather.

The chairman of Bestwood St Albans Parish Council, Coun Denis Beeston, said water was coming from six different places, which meant that workmen were fighting a losing battle.