Flower expert ‘loses the plot’

DAVID Martin, from Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire, was guest demonstrator at the August meeting of HUCKNALL FLOWER ARRANGING GROUP.

He stressed that his demonstration, ‘Losing The Plot’, had nothing to do with his mental state but was inspired by his family’s experiences with an allotment they have had for the last four years.

The first design evolved from the state of the plot when they first took it on and David created a natural arrangement with broken plant pots and driftwood, with bear grass and other plants selected to represent weeds.

An imitation compost heap constructed from wire mesh and expanding foam was the base for a ‘creation’ using fennel stalks, hosta and fatsia leaves, ferns, buddleia flowers, pink stocks, echinops and drumstick aliums.

One of the ‘losing moments’ on the plot was illustrated on a tall green stand with bergenia and hosta leaves, pittosporum, white ‘Avalanche’ roses and ornamental cabbages.

David explained how his first attempt at growing Brussels sprouts was thwarted when they were decimated by caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly, with two decorative examples of the insect included in the design.

A tall wicker frame with two containers represented a vegetable grower’s favourite crop, runner beans, and David used rosemary, elaeagnus, euphorbia, heuchera leaves, red and green amaranthus, red gerbera and green anthuriums.

David amused his audience with the story of his search for a shed for his plot and how he obtained a wooden Wendy house, complete with window boxes, from a nursery school to store his tools.

Joan Titterton gave a vote of thanks. At the group’s September meeting, Ady Dayman, an East Midlands radio and television gardener, will give a talk on plants and answer questions. New members and visitors are always welcome.