‘Forgotten’ area of town sunk by sea of mud

SURROUNDED BY A SEA OF MUD -- young Brandon Preston -- DISPIC 11-0013-4
SURROUNDED BY A SEA OF MUD -- young Brandon Preston -- DISPIC 11-0013-4

THE theme song of residents on Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, could be ‘mud, mud, not so glorious mud’.

For every time they look out of their front windows, they are confronted by the sight of their own version of ‘Bulwell Bogs’.

The mudheap, which bears the traces of tyre marks, is on a part of the lane where the houses have been set back in the shape of a quadrangle.

“The mud used to be a grassed area and it has got into its present state because we don’t have any proper parking spaces,” said one of the residents, David Frew. “People have to drive over it because they need somewhere to park.

“We are not happy about leaving our vehicles on the street because they could be vandalised or set on fire. This has happened in the past. One problem is that if we have visitors, they have nowhere to park.”

Mr Frew said the residents were calling for a driveway in a C shape, leading to adequate parking spaces.

“I have lived on Hempshill Lane for 15 years and when these houses were first built, not many people living here owned cars. But nowadays, you can get two cars belonging to one family.”

The residents say they feel as if they are living in a neglected and forgotten part of Bulwell. They claim that improvements have been carried out in other parts of the town, including Deptford Crescent and Crabtree Farm Estate, but Hempshill Lane has been “completely overlooked”.

Mr Frew claimed that as long as eight or ten years ago, Bulwell members of Nottingham City Council had told residents that their request for parking provision would be borne in mind “when they got their budget together”, while the area’s Labour MP, Graham Allen, had supported their plea for action. “But we are still waiting for something to be done,” he added.

Coun Ginny Klein, a Labour member for Bulwell ward on the city council, said she was well aware of the need for a solution and she sympathised with the residents.

“The scheme is on our list of priorities but it is a matter of waiting until the required funding becomes available,” said Coun Klein. “At present, we have no money for the work.”

Coun Klein said she and the other ward councillors had noticed the “eyesore” of the mud during a walkabout in the Hempshill Lane area. “We have flagged it up as a priority without speaking to the residents.

“The recent bad weather has certainly not improved the appearance of the muddy area.

Coun Klein pointed out that the council had also been dealing with a similar problem on Catherine Close, Bulwell, near St John’s Church.

She said: “I sincerely hope the residents of Hempshill Lane will not have to wait much longer for something to be done. I can assure them that I will keep pressing for this on their behalf.”