Former soldier recovering from cancer needs help with insurance for his much needed holiday

Big-hearted Chad readers are digging into their pockets to help a young Mansfield dad recover from gruelling cancer treatment on a first family holiday abroad.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 4:09 pm
Daniel Taylor and Rebecca Reast with son Freddie
Daniel Taylor and Rebecca Reast with son Freddie

Travel insurance costs have soared for ex-soldier Daniel Taylor, and his fiancée is desperate to raise funds to insure his trip to the Caribbean.

Daniel, 29, was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Christmas Eve last year. His tumour had grown over seven years, during 10 years of army service, including tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2013 Daniel left the army to start a family with Rebecca Reast, and began work as a plumbing and heating engineer.

Headaches and dizzy spells were due, he thought, to life-change.

But two weeks after a diagnosis Daniel underwent 11 hours of surgery. He has had 80 per cent of his tumour removed, and survived six weeks of radiotherapy and over six months of chemotherapy.

His next scan is in November, but on Thursday October 27 he and Rebecca, and two year old son Freddie hope to sail away.

Rebecca has launched an Internet appeal. She said: “Daniel has never been to the Caribbean so that’s where we are going to go.

“Because of his brain surgery insurance costs have been pushed right up and will be £1,000 or more. Our parents contributed to the cost of the holiday and will come to share care of Freddie.”

“We decided on a cruise because it will be easier on him, and otherwise the insurance would have been more than £3,000.”

Rebecca is also raising awarenes of the importance of seeing a GP sooner if a person experiences constant headaches.

“Daniel left it for two months before he saw his doctor and he was sent to hospital straight away.

“They told us his tumour was so large it would have led to a seizure if he had left it for another two weeks.”