Freak storm creates chaos across district

Hucknall flood.'Elaine Mullan at number 24.
Hucknall flood.'Elaine Mullan at number 24.
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Residents and businesses are counting the cost after a sudden summer storm created floods across the Dispatch district.

Homes in Hucknall suffered flood damage, Bulwell’s Main Street was blocked by water and many roads were closed forcing motorists to take detours.

Hucknall’s Thoresby Dale was badly affected when the storm hit on Tuesday tea-time with torrential rain causing the neighbouring brooks to burst sending torrents of water down gardens and into homes turning the street into a lake.

One couple whose house was last hit by floods in 2007 was struck again causing despair.

“We just don’t believe it has happened all over again,” said Ted Mullane from Thoresby Dale. “This is the worst yet as the water level must have reached about 18in inside the house.”

The Mullane’s downstairs rooms are all waterlogged with furniture ruined and items they couldn’t lift above the water wrecked by water and muck.

“It is heartbreaking,” said Ted’s distraught wife,Elaine. “Everytime it rains I start to worry and stand at the window watching the weather. “It is a living nightmare.

“As soon as it started raising I lifted what I could off the floor but all our furniture is ruined.”

The Mullanes’ house was hit hard in the floods of 2007 and it took five months for their house to be put right.The couple’s house insurance was raised to £700 a year and now the pair are worried they won’t even get cover after this latest incident.

“We just don’t know what to do as the Environment Agency blame Severn Trent, who blame the county council who blame the Enviroment Agency,” added Ted. “It’s just a vicious circle of blame with nobody prepared to take the responsibility but we’re stuck in the middle.”

All the neighbours worked together to help unblock the drains and sweep water from gardens and drives as cups of teas were passed around creating community cohesion.

Kim Challand whose house escaped the water but her garden didn’t expressed her anger at the lack of preventative measures being taken by the different agencies.

“As residents we constantly bring up the flooding situation at public meetings but it just falls on deaf ears,” said Kim. “The floodgates were fitted after the last incident but they didn’t help on this occasion.

“And we are worried that the inner ring road plans will make the situation much worse.”

Residents in the east of Hucknall at Arden Close were also affected as water entered their homes and also at St John’s Crescent.

In Bulwellthe stretch between St Mary’s Church of England Primary School and Jennison Street, leading to the Tesco superstore, was under water and police had to divert traffic.

Three inches of floodwater surged right through the Add Discount Furniture store on Main Street.

Joint owner Kurt Simpson said: “It happened so quickly. Eighty per cent of our stock, amounting to about £15,000, has been ruined. We are keeping the business going as best we can.”

Kurt said the premises suffered similar flooding two years ago, with a drain on nearby Linby Street unable to cope with torrential rain.

Water also rose as high as the front step of the Pamper and Polish beauty salon next door.

Some staff and patients at the Carberry Dental Practice on Ragdale Road were stranded for a time when the flooding was at its height.

A pensioner in one of the almshouses next to Minerva Street said: “It was flowing like a canal. I was worried about it getting into the house but fortunately it didn’t come that far.”

Other areas affected included the frequently flooded Moor Road at Bestwood Village, Papplewick Main Street corner, Hucknall’s Papplewick Lane and the junction of Bulwell High Road and Lower Main Street.