FREE dinner for Hucknall and Bulwell residents

A free lunch is on offer to Hucknall and Bulwell residents, all in the name of highlighting how much food waste is generated each year.

Veolia Environmental Services and Nottinghamshire County Council have launched a Feed the 1,000 challenge as part of The Big Lunch being held at Bestwood Country Park on Sunday 2nd June between 11am and 3pm.

The event has been organised to highlight the amount of food an average family wastes in a year and show what people could be doing with it instead.

The challenge is based on the fact that 1,000 meals could be made with the amount of money the average family wastes every year by throwing away uneaten food.

Kevin Parker, regional communications manager for Veolia Environmental Services said: “In financial terms, this represents a shocking £680 a year, or around £50 a month, per household simply thrown away.

“Across the whole of the UK over £12 billion worth of food ends up in landfill.”

The event, which is part of the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign, will see 1,000 meals cooked up and dished out for free.

Mick Allen, Group Manager for Energy and Waste Management at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “There are lots of ways to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away.

“This event is just one in a series being held over the summer across Nottinghamshire to help people find out more, save money, and do their bit for the environment.”