Full guide to the grants.....

A HELPING hand has been given to Hucknall Falcon Swimming Club through the council’s annual grant donations — after it ran at a loss last year.

At the meeting of the Hucknall Area Consultative Group, local councillors decided to give the long-running outfit £200. However they opted not to give any cash to the Hucknall-based talking newspaper for the blind, Townsound, because it had a healthy bank balance.

In total, grants totalling £4,900 were handed out from a pot of £5,739. The remainder was kept back for any late applications.

The full list of grants reads:

Hucknall Rotary Club (Hucknall Christmas Carnival) £1,500; Newstead Abbey Byron Society £500; St George Amateur Boxing Club £400; Rolls-Royce Bowmen of Sherwood (archery) £200; Hucknall Heritage Society £150; Pride Of Hucknall Awards £150; Hucknall Community Neighbourhood Alert Committee £150; Hucknall East Local Neighbourhood Safety Team £150; Hucknall North Safer Neighbourhood Committee £150.

Hucknall West Safer Neighbourhood Committee £150; Hucknall and Linby St John Ambulance £100; Hucknall and Linby St John Ambuance Badgers £100, 1803 (Hucknall) Squadron of the Air Training Corps (ATC) £100; 4th Hucknall Brownies £100.

5th Hucknall Scouts £100; Hucknall and District University of the Third Age (U3A) Group £100; St John’s Day Centre £100; Leenside Hucknall Women’s Institute (WI); Wighay Allotment Association £100; The Tramstop Garden £100; Butlers Hill Allotment Association £100; and Hucknall Titchfield Park Bowls Club £100.