Gearing up for the great digital TV switch

THE DIGITAL switchover is looming large for Hucknall
THE DIGITAL switchover is looming large for Hucknall

VIEWERS in Hucknall are gearing up for the first stage of the much-anticipated digital TV switchover, which will happen next week.

Most households in the town will need to re-tune their equipment on Wednesday August 17 when the analogue signal for BBC2 will be scrapped.

Then, on Wednesday August 31, the TV kit, including Freeview boxes and built-in freeview, will have to be re-tuned again when the rest of the analogue signals to other channels are switched off.

The changes will take place after midnight on both days and are expected to be completed by 6 am.

Most Hucknall homes are served by the Waltham TV transmitter, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.

A further re-tune date of Wednesday October 12 will see the process complete.

Bulwell homes served by the Nottingham transmitter completed their initial digital switchover in April. Their next re-tune dates are Wednesday August 24 and Tuesday September 27.

The switchover is a nationwide process which will convert the UK’s terrestrial television system to digital, region by region.

As the analogue signal is turned off, residents will only be able to receive broadcasts through a digital box, satellite dish or cable service.

Help and advice on what you need to do is available from the Digital UK advice line on 08456 50 50 50, or at

The BBC’s Help Scheme offers extra help — including assistance with installing new equipment — to anyone aged 75 or over, those who live in a care home or those on certain disability benefits.

The Help Scheme is available by calling 0800 4085900.