Get set for more torrential downpours

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MORE rain is forecast for the weekend — sparking fears of more scenes across the Dispatch district like these captured by a Dispatch photographer in Bulwell last Saturday.

The persistent rain has caused misery across the district, which is in the grips of wettest June since records began.

At this time of year we should be sizzling sausages in the garden at barbecues and enjoying the light nights. But we have all been forced to take shelter indoors to avoid the rain.

Worringly, the water level at Bulwell’s River Leen continues to rise.

According to data from the Environment Agency, the river level at Bulwell is currently at 0.78 metres.

The typical river level range is between 0.24 metres and 0.61 metres.

The highest river level recorded at this location is 1.58 metres. It reached this on June 25 2007 when the town suffered flooding but it was back in 1960, according to former Dispatch chief reporter Denis Robinson, when it burst its banks and water was running down Main Street.

On that occasion, Jennison Street had to be evacuated by boat.

n OUR PHOTOS show the River Leen at Bulwell and the area outside the town’s police station as a lorry ploughs through a flooded area — DISPICS NHUD12-1778-1 and 2.