Giant sunflower dominates garden

NHUD sunflower kids
NHUD sunflower kids

A SUNFLOWER in the garden of BRIAN RIMMINGTON on Hucknall’s Leen Drive has grown to an amazing height of 80 inches.

Pictured with the giant plant are Brian’s grandchildren, LEAH RIMMINGTON (nine) and LEO KIRK (eight), of Knoll Avenue, Hucknall.

When the youngsters returned to Hucknall National Primary School for the new term, they were able to tell fellow pupils how they watched the sunflower grow and grow.

Leah could feel particularly proud because it was she who planted the sunflower, after which Brian kept staking it up for her.

The photo, showing the plant with its golden-rayed flower in all its elevated glory, was taken by the children’s grandmother, YVONNE HUDSON, of Farm Avenue, Hucknall.