Give blood before holiday season

AS the school summer break begins many Hucknall residents will be packing up and going away on holiday. But before you fly abroad or head to the coast, why not make a date to give blood?

On Sunday (July 22) at Hucknall National Church Of England Academy on Annesley Road, you can donate much-needed blood that could save someone’s life.

“A constant supply of blood is needed all year round,” said NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) spokeswoman, Holly Mason.

“Restrictions on donating after travelling to certain parts of the world mean we want to encourage people to give blood before they leave.”

Not only is donated blood used in accident and emergency situations but it is also needed for patients in surgery and those being treated for cancer and blood diseases.

“Blood has a limited shelf life of 35 days for red blood cells,” explained Holly. “It is vital that both existing and new blood donors come forward now.”

Donations can be made in Hucknall from 10-12.45pm and 2.15-4.30pm. Anyone aged 17-65 could potentially become a blood donor. To book an appointment in Hucknall at the National School location, call 0300 123 23 23 or visit