Globetrotters’ bid to help sanctuary

Jake Pearson and Amy Short of Hucknall are volunteering at the Soi Dog sanctuary in Thailand and want to raise cash for a health programme.
Jake Pearson and Amy Short of Hucknall are volunteering at the Soi Dog sanctuary in Thailand and want to raise cash for a health programme.

The plight of a stray dog in Thailand sparked a pair of big-hearted Hucknall globetrotters to stay on and work for a remarkable animal charity.

Amy Short and her partner Jake Pearson had been travelling in Australia and Indonesia when they decided to visit the island of Phuket, in Thailand, where they spotted the dog which had a large tumour.

Unable to reach an animal rescue charity they knew, they contacted Soi Dog - a charity set up to improve the welfare of street cats and dogs - and were so impressed, they decided to stay on and volunteer.

Amy, 28, of Charles Street, said: “I was truly shocked at the speed and compassion that they were able to deliver so then decided to look through the Soi Dog website and found that they were crying out for volunteers.

“That’s when I knew we needed to give something back!

“Within three days we were in Nai Yang, north of Phuket, and start our volunteering duties.

“We have totally fallen in love with all the dogs and cats and just can’t comprehend the work and compassion that goes into making the shelter and rescue work.”

Last week Amy and Jake extended their Thai visa so they can stay for another 30 days.

Amy set up a crowd funding page to raise £1,000 to cover the cost of sterilisation medication for 190 cats and dogs,

She said: ““Soi Dog approximately sterilise 2,500 animals per month which averages around 15 dogs and 25-40 cats a day.

“In return for the donations we will continue to work with the cats and dogs and continue to excel their socialising skills over this next month.

“If we are lucky enough to raise more than our target and we have enough to cover accommodation and visa run costs, then we will continue our mission for as long as possible and do all we can to help.”

Last year Amy quit her job as a qualifications administrator for a training provider in Mansfield to embark on the epic trip, while Jake, 23, and also of Hucknall, was working for Viking Engineering as a fabricator and welder

In 2014 celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Judy Dench shared a video which boosted global awareness of the dog meat trade, which the charity campaigns against.

Amy said: “It’s unbelievable just how much the laws have been able to change to help Soi dog achieve what they have since that video went viral!

“Every year millions of dogs are inhumanely trafficked from Thailand, Vietnam and to other neighbouring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods. Since Soi Dogs’ involvement in 2011, around 25,000 dogs have been intercepted and saved!”

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