Gloria De Piero’s MP column: I will fight for all the way for constituents

I’d like to start my first Chad column of 2014 by wishing everyone in Ashfield a slightly belated but very happy New Year.

Last year, I made a very simple new year’s resolution which was to never to take no for an answer and looking back over the past year I think it stood me in good stead as I managed to secure some great victories for local folk. I’m sticking with the same resolution this year.

Though I can’t promise that I’ll win every battle you have my word that I’ll always give it my best shot, so if you’ve got a problem or an issue that needs resolving, no matter how big or small then don’t’ hesitate to get in touch.
I hope that HMRC new year’s resolution is to deal with complaints a lot more effectively and efficiently than it did for everyone I know who had a problem with them last year.

Taking up a new case with the taxman has become almost second nature to me now because of the number of complaints I’ve had to deal with in the last 12 months.

After months and months of problems one hard working mum from Sutton came to me just before Christmas for assistance in getting the child care component of Child Tax Credits and it’s an all too familiar story. I’m delighted to say that she emailed me last week to say that she received all of the outstanding payments the Friday before Christmas which certainly ensured her and her family had a wonderful Christmas – without doubt the moment of my year already!
Finally, it’s no secret that I’ve had my fair share of battles with bus companies since becoming an MP on all sorts of issues like the withdrawal of vital services and price rises. Like many of you I don’t drive so I realise just how important local public transport is. Trent Barton and I have had our fair share of disagreements but they are offering free bus travel to everyone on every Sunday in January between 10am-11am. All you have to do is hop on between those times and you have a free ride. Free bus fair isn’t to be sniffed and I know it could save a small fortune. Thanks guys!