Glossy leaflet launched to boost tourism and trade in Hucknall

HUCKNALL Tourism and Regeneration Group is bidding to boost tourism and trade in the town centre
HUCKNALL Tourism and Regeneration Group is bidding to boost tourism and trade in the town centre

A GLOSSY, new leaflet has been produced in a bid to boost tourism and trade in Hucknall town centre.

The project is the brainchild of Hucknall Tourism and Regeneration Group (HTRG), which has a base on High Street.

The handy, pocket-sized leaflet unfolds to reveal a map of the town centre with details of all the main shops and attractions.

On the back is a guide listing all the stores and businesses, complete with map grid-references to make it easy to pinpoint each one.

Up to 14,500 of the leaflets will be delivered to households around Hucknall in the coming weeks.

Part of HTRG’s mission is to attract visitors and boost the local economy.

Its role is seen as crucial during the current financial downturn.

Sheila Robinson, joint chairman of HTRG, said: “The leaflet has been prepared in an effort to regenerate Hucknall town centre and to keep trade within the Hucknall boundaries, wherever possible, rather than necessitating a trip to either Nottingham or Mansfield.

“It is suggested that the leaflet is kept by householders as a reference guide.

“We sincerely hope that everyone finds the leaflet useful. We have already had some very favourable comments to that effect.”

The leaflet also points out monuments and sculptures in the town, including the mining statue on Station Road, churches, community centres, the library, pubs and social clubs.

Money towards the leaflet project came from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, which gives financial support to areas once decimated by the wholesale closure of local mines.

Ashfield District Council has also supported the initiative.

Other features of the leaflet include a history of Titchfield Park, which is Hucknall’s premier open space on the edge of the town centre.

There are also snapshots of the town’s links to famous characters, including Lord Byron, who is buried at Hucknall Parish Church, former champion bareknuckle fighter Ben Caunt, Hucknall-born composer Eric Coates and actor Robin Bailey.

The leaflet is the latest scheme undertaken by HTRG, which last year produced a successful guide booklet for tourists that was described as “a great achievement for the town”.

The 95-page illustrated book, entitled ‘A Snapshot Of Hucknall In The 21st Century’, also comes with a map of the town.

A superb photo of the library and Hucknall Parish Church are among iconic images to be found in the book.

Other landmarks in the town and its adjoining villages are depicted, together with photos of Hucknall celebrities such as Byron, Coates and Caunt.

The book is still available.

HTRG is also heavily involved with a Dispatch-backed campaign to regenerate the town centre by cleaning it up and making it a more attractive place for residents and visitors alike.

This has included highlighting eyesore grotspots through a series of articles.