Go Ape! at Sherwood Pines this Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and if you are starting to get bored of shopping around for the same old Christmas ideas and want to put a bit of adventure into the lives of your friends and family, why not try out one of the UK’s best Tree Top Adventures.

Nestled away in Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest is Go Ape! Sherwood Pines and its host of adrenaline pumping activities.

Chad reporter, Isabel Dunmore, spent the afternoon trying out the forest Segways and tackling the Tree Top Challenge.

And it was surprising at just how easy it was to use the electronically powered and forest-friendly Segways.

The two-wheel motorised machines were easy to handle and reaching a top speed of 11mph, it was effortless to weave in and out of the trees by tipping forward to go and using a gentle sideways push of the handlebars to steer.

Throughout the hour-long ride, it gave an alternative perspective of the forest.

The route went through an area that Go Ape staff liked to call ‘Narnia’, Childhood Wood and other parts of the forest.

After catching a breath from the Segway adventure, it was then time to get over the fear of heights and conquer the Tree Top Challenge.

It was a surprise to learn that after a full health and safety talk from the friendly climbing instructors on how to use the equipment, we were led to navigate the two to three hour course on our own.

The tree top climb reaches a height of eight metres in some points and sees climbers walk the type rope, take a leap of faith on the tarzan swing and glide between trees on a zip wire.

After previous bad memories of doing high rope challenges and abseiling down walls, it was great to enjoy navigating platform to platform rather than feeling like it was a life or death situation.

What differed about the Go Ape! experience was the fact that you can be in control of every step and do not feel rushed to take that leap of faith by a pushy instructor or a group of people you have never met before.

By the time you reach the third section of the course, being suspended above the forest floor from a pulley starts to come naturally and before you know it, you are navigating the course like a pro.

Go Ape! Sherwood Pines is now closed until February, but gift vouchers for Christmas are a great idea to set friends and family a challenge or try something new in the New Year.

Gift vouchers can be brought online at http://goape.co.uk/gift.