Government to fund Nottinghamshire road repairs

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Nottinghanshire County Council has welcomed the news that it is to receive £1.5m from the government to repair roads damaged by severe weather.

The Government announced earlier this month that it was making available £183.5m nationally to help local authorities repair local roads damaged in by floods and other extreme weather conditions over the last few months.

In total, Nottinghamshire County Council will receive £1,565,207.

The government estimates that the emergency payment will pay for the repair of an estimated 3.3 million potholes across the UK.

It is on top of a further £200m which was announced in yesterday’s Budget which will be provided for pothole repairs in the financial year 2014 to 2015 and for which local councils will have to bid.

“This is welcome news, coming as it does against a backdrop of £154m of savings that we as an authority are having to make as a result of Government funding cuts,” said Coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of the County Council’s transport and highways committee.

“An extra £1.5m will enable us to fund the repair of at least 7,500 more potholes across the county.

“That would be in addition to the 34,000 pothole repairs already made each year and on top of the £2.8m we are spending this year on making those repairs.

“We now look forward to hearing how we can bid for a share of the £200m announced in yesterday’s Budget.”