Graham Allen column: Nottingham Castle refurbishment is good news for Bulwell

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Nottingham has been given £12.9m worth of lottery funding to restore our historic castle. This is great news but Bulwell and the rest of Nottingham North should have its fair share of the investment.

We should bring Robin Hood to the party too. For some reason we have always been coy or embarrassed about Robin Hood; those days must be put behind us.

We should use our unique selling points to stand out from the crowd. We need to take serious steps to sell our legend and our city.

With this investment package we can get organised, ready to exploit all the potential that Robin Hood offers to his native city.

The plans will bring to life the history of the castle. We will create a national centre about protest; an intricate part of Nottingham’s history-we’ve always been a Bolshie bunch. Let’s make space for the Bulwell co-operative movement, the Basford workhouse, the local Chartists, the Luddites and the Pentrich rebellion that made it to what is now the IKEA site before being cut down.

This is an opportunity to put the castle back where it belongs and to make Nottingham a world class attraction.

The proposals to create a Robin and the Rebels history gallery will be an engine to boost jobs and the local economy.

We criminally under-exploit our global brand of Robin Hood. Now is the time to build on this breakthrough and pitch for a new vision for the city and capitalise on our internationally renowned Robin Hood brand.

We are proud of our history, particularly in terms of the 1000- year-old Nottingham Castle and the legend of Robin Hood. Everybody from Beijing to LA knows our city and now is the time to renew the brand and spread the prosperity to the people of the whole City-Robin a great redistributor of wealth would expect nothing less!