Gran left traumatised by neighbour attack

BTB71A Judge holding gavel in courtroom. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.
BTB71A Judge holding gavel in courtroom. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

A gran attacked by two women during a neighbourhood dispute has been left so traumatised she is scared to go out of her own home.

Magistrates heard Mellisa Brown, aged 27, and 43-year-old Shelley Dennis attacked Carol Dale outside her home on Fern Close, Shirebrook.

Andy Conboy, prosecuting at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court, said Ms Dale, aged 67, had come back from a night out when she heard shouting at her neighbour’s over Brown’s partner Mark Cooper texting other women, and Dennis was joining in.

Mr Conboy said: “Ms Dale has previously reported outbursts to the council and was advised to call police.”

He said police arrived and Ms Dale got an incident number, but as soon as the officers left Dennis and Brown became abusive towards her.

Mr Conboy added: “Ms Dale said it was relentless abuse and very scary.

“As she decided to speak to Dennis’ husband she was pushed against railings.

“Ms Dale got away, but she had her arm grabbed and squeezed.

“She was then punched in her left eye, but did not know which of the women had done this to her.

“Ms Dale was then pushed to the ground and hurt her left leg and had to hobble home.”

Witnesses said they heard Brown and Dennis shouting, saw Ms Dale grabbed and suffer cuts and bruises. One said Brown lunged forward forcing the victim to fall backward.

Ms Dale was taken to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre for treatment after she suffered cuts and pain to her left leg and arm.

Brown and Dennis, both of Fern Close, Shirebrook, originally told police Ms Dale had been abusive and had pushed Dennis but then fallen over and cracked her head. However, they admitted assault after the attack on June 28.

Brown said: “I apologise for what happened. I didn’t mean for it to spiral out of control.”

Dennis said she regretted what had happened.

Magistrates handed Brown a community order with a 14-week curfew lasting until April 10. Dennis was given a 12-month community order with rehabilitation and was fined £108.

Both were ordered to pay £360 in costs, compensation and a victim surcharge.

However, the victim’s family has slammed their sentence.

Ms Dale’s daughter Vicky Thorpe, of Shirebrook, said: “The sentence is disgusting. I was expecting them to be punished more harshly. Mum’s leg still hurts, but she has been affected mentally because she is frightened to go out. Even when she goes out to peg her laundry in the garden she feels they are looking and it is intimidating.”

Ms Thorpe said her mother has repeatedly complained to Bolsover District Council with claims of loud music and banging from Mr Cooper’s home next door.