Grandmother raises email scam alert

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A Hucknall grandmother is warning internet users of a scam DVLA email which encourages the unwary to divulge details of their driving license.

Sharon Dicks, of Watnall Road, received the email entitled ‘You are eligible to recieve a refund’ (sic) containing a link to a website on Sunday morning.

The email, which boasts a DVLA logo, invites the customer to apply for a refund while ‘we upgrading our database’.

The poorly spelled email advises: “If you refuses to complete your application within two weeks of receiving this email will cause the lose the specified amount and you will take full responsabilty for that. We sincerely apologise for any inconviniences this might have caused you.”

Sharon (55), who is also secretary of Bramcote Archery Club, said: “They have gone to great lengths to make the website look like a government website. I know how easily it is for the elderly people - who aren’t internet savvy - to be taken in by these frauds. Some people don’t realise these scams are out there.”

A police spokesman said: “You should never reply to spam or unsolicited emails from an unknown or untrusted sender. Don’t download attachments or click links to web pages within spam emails as these can often contain viruses. Never share personal data such as bank details, identity details, passwords or where you live with anyone that you don’t know or can’t verify their details. Report scams at Action Fraud.”