Grandparents go back to school in Bulwell

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Grandparents of pupils at Bulwell’s Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary Academy were invited to a special day hosted by Year 1 youngsters.

Class teacher Ella Smallwood was the driving force behind the initiative which brought together excited young pupils and adults who last sat in their own school classrooms more than 50-years-ago.

“Everyone has enjoyed this event and I’m sure we will be setting up something similar in the future,” said Miss Smallwood.

The seaside themed get-together enabled the grandparents to share their holiday memories with the excited youngsters,while old photographs,a selection of seashellsand sticks of rock added to the enjoyment.

Letters of support from grandparents who wanted, but were unable to attend, were read out as a surprise to those in attendance.

The children took to the stage to serve up a seaside treat with a selection of poems and songs which included ‘Beneath the Sea’ and ‘Beside the Seaside’.

Further treats by way of home-made cakes and cups of tea added to the enjoyment of the event.