Grenade found at Warsop recycling centre


The Bomb Squad was called after a grenade was found at a Warsop recycling centre.

Staff at the recycling centre on Oakfield Lane reported finding a suspicious object at noon on Tuesday (May 10).

The WWll grenade was found by recycling centre staff in the refuse sacks at the sorting table.

The police were immediately informed and specialists officers rushed to the scene.

The site was evacuated by the site staff and members of the public were stopped a safe distance from the site - before the railway bridge, allowing vehicles space to turn around after staff had explained why the site was closed.

Lea Hawkes, General Manager for Veolia, Nottinghamshire said: ‘We take the safety of our staff and members of the public very seriously and awaited instruction from the police as to when the site would be safe to reopen.

“Incidents such as these happen very rarely and the chain of communication in place enables them to be dealt with safely and swiftly to allow Nottinghamshire’s recycling centers to re-open as soon as possible.

“We thank all the services involved for their swift action.”

The site reopened at 1.40pm following the bomb squad’s confirmation that the device was safe.

The bomb squad removed it from site to be safely disposed of, they did note that the grenade was real, but without a detonator rendering it safe.

Residents were then allowed to renter the site as normal and continue to recycle

The grenade is the second wartime relic to be found in the area recently.

Police were called after an allotment owner found an empty shell on their plot on Carter Lane Warsop Vale last Saturday (May 7).