Guest columnist Graham Allen says MPs should be too busy for second jobs

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Speaking up for Bulwell locally and in Parliament, as well as helping individuals (call me anytime on 0115 975 2377) means a hectic schedule.

Last Friday started with trying to get more solar panels in local schools—to back up my request to Government to incentivise this scheme so every school can be energy self-sufficient.

Next I put the finishing touches to the first Nottingham North Jobs Fair, soon to be held at the Riverside Centre.

Then I convened a workshop at Crabtree community centre on urban design, which had lots of bright ideas about cheering up Bulwell with small scale improvements to our area.

I also spoke out on MPs’ second jobs. They should be banned. Being an MP, particularly if you are born and bred locally like me, is more than a full time job, no time to take on second jobs!

Then I met Nottingham’s TV, music, arts and media people and asked if they will help build a ‘Creative Eighth’ in Bulwell to partner the Creative Quarter in the city centre--perhaps bring in a Notts TV studio or student accommodation to boost our local economy. Let’s discover Bulwell’s Jake Buggs and Sue Pollards!

Afterward, I caught up with our chief constable, who does a great job despite recent cuts in officers, and raised some local anti-social behaviour and crime issues.

Then I brought together experts, local planners and shopkeepers to discover a way to inject new life into our shopping parades and to use a Bulwell town centre manager. I was glad to finish the day with a political meeting at Riverside. Hectic, yes, but I never forget it’s a real privilege to serve the people of Bulwell.