Guest columnist Mark Spencer signs off for the election warning of a Labour-SNP deal in May

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

Well, here we go! The election is about to get into full swing and I’m sure most of you have had enough already!

However, I genuinely think this is probably the most 
important election in 
generations and there are clearly two routes for us to choose.

In all the years I have been involved in local politics I have never really given any thought to the SNP and 
Scotland, but all of a sudden they have forced their way right up the political 

With the prospect of the Labour Party losing a number of seats to the SNP in Scotland, the result here in England becomes even more important.

It is now clear Ed 
Miliband can only become the Prime Minister with the support of Alex Salmond.

This really does focus my mind.

Do we want to turn the clock back to borrow and spend Government, increased taxation, higher unemployment and the threat to our national security through nuclear disarmament?

Or do we want to continue to build on the progress we are making in cutting the 
deficit, increasing employment and apprenticeships, and reducing tax so families can keep more of their money.

This great country of ours needs a strong leadership team—and competent, stable government—who can deliver a stable, growing economy to give us and our families the chance to aspire, work hard and keep for our families the money we earn to enable us to provide a secure future.

It’s a clear choice and it’s yours to make. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail, and please come and tell me your views whether you agree or not.