Hairdressers help homeless for free

Two Mansfield hairdressers are helping the homeless for an absolute snip - by giving them a free trim.

Paul Smith and Louise Butler, who run Salon 34 on Woodhouse Road, have volunteered to cut hair at the Mansfield YMCA once a month.

A cut above: hairdressers Paul Smith and Louise Butler.

A cut above: hairdressers Paul Smith and Louise Butler.

The two have previously worked on a similar project in Leicester, but wanted to offer their services locally.

They hope it will prompt other local businesses to help out however they can.

“We want to help people who haven’t got anything and will really appreciate something like this,” said Paul.

“I did a course with the British Barbers’ Association in Leicester, which is how we first got involved.

“These are often lovely people who have fallen on tough times, normal people that could be you or me.

“I have met lawyers, bankers and people who have run their own businesses, but have lost everything.

“It’s been great to meet the people we have and we’re looking forward to doing the same in Mansfield.

“It’s nice to be able to help someone when things are going well because you never know when you might need someone’s help in the future.”

Mansfield YMCA, on Commercial Gate, provides accommodation for 22 young single homeless men and women aged 16 to 25.

Hostel manager Lynn Malam said: “It’s a marvellous opportunity that we’re very thankful for and will give the young people here a boost of self-confidence.”