Have our two MPs got sex appeal?

Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer
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FORGET votes when it comes to measuring the popularity of Hucknall and Bulwell’s MPs. For the district’s leading politicians are now being judged on their sex appeal!

A new website — www.sexymp.co.uk — has been launched — and it features Hucknall Conservative Mark Spencer and his Bulwell Labour counterpart Graham Allen.

Graham Allen

Graham Allen

Visitors to the site are shown two random photographs of MPs and are asked to decide who is the more attractive.

Each time a politician is picked, he or she moves up a place in the ‘league table’.

In total, 648 MPs are featured on the site. Mr Allen currently sits in the bottom half in 383rd position, while Mr Spencer is much higher in 181st spot.

Speaking from Westminster this week, Mr Spencer quipped: “I’m gutted, to be honest. I think I am even below Ken Clarke!

“I’ve contemplated dropping some of my case load, so I can log on constantly and up my rating. In truth, it’s a bit of fun. It has created a lot of banter down here in Parliament.”

When told about Mr Allen’s rating, Mr Spencer said: “I would gladly swap my position in the league table for Graham’s majority!”

Mr Allen himself said of the sexy site: “So long as I’m number one with my wife, that’s all that matters.”

The founder of the site, Francis Boulle, says: “I wanted to create a fun and memorable tool to help the British public get to know their MP.

“I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to hold the first-ever Parliamentary beauty contest and find out, once and for all, which MPs and parties have the most sex-appeal.

“Although I fully expect it to offend some people, this was never my intention and I hope all the MPs will see the funny side.”