Have your say on jobs and houses plan for Rolls site

A PUBLIC consultation is expected to start in the next few weeks on ground-breaking plans for a huge development on Hucknall’s Rolls-Royce site, which could create 800 jobs.

The proposals are for factories and industrial units on the land off Watnall Road, as well as 800 new homes.

As reported by the Dispatch, a formal planning application for the first stage of the development is due in the late summer.

Rolls-Royce is Hucknall’s biggest employer and, if the spectacular plans come to fruition, it would mean a total of about 1,600 people being employed on the company’s massive site.

The estimated cost of the scheme is £27 million, with European funding to cover £7.5 million of the amount and Rolls-Royce coming up with the rest.

The plans would give a much-needed boost to the job scene in Hucknall, where more than 1,000 people were claiming unemployment benefit in January.

The jobless figure in Hucknall’s East ward was a demoralising 6.7% in comparison with an average in Ashfield of 4.6% and a national average of four per cent.

Coun Chris Baron, a Labour member for Hucknall West on Ashfield District Council, said: “This is a huge opportunity to get Hucknall growing again.

“The plans are something to be proud of during the present economic downturn.”

Hucknall’s Conservative MP, Mark Spencer, said: “This is a real step in the right direction. It will give the town a real boost and a shot in the arm. I think that of all the plans I have heard about for Hucknall, this is the most positive.”

The proposed new access road has sparked controversy because of fears that it will impact on wildlife on Bulwell Hall Park, which borders the Rolls-Royce site to the south.