Consensus among MPs for more progress on medical cannabis oil

Jack Sanders and daughter Ellie.
Jack Sanders and daughter Ellie.

MPs covering Mansfield, Ashfield and Sherwood agree that cannabis oil for medical purposes should be used more frequently, but are split on the overall legality of the substance.

This comes after The Chad revealed the experience of local man Jack Sanders, who has extended his life through the use of the oil after being told a brain tumour left him with six months to live.

Further cases have suggested that the illegal oil could be tested as an alternative pain relief for people with long-term illnesses, and Mansfield’s MP Ben Bradley agrees that this should be judged on a “case-by-case” basis.

He said: “The story in The Chad last week is an excellent example of the potential benefits that can be gained from the oil as a medical solution.

“I think we need to look more into the scientific evidence of how the oil works and then review it on a case-by-case basis, so I agree with what Sajid Javid [the Home Secretary] said in parliament about taking this approach.”


The Home Secretary agreed to open up this case-by-case review on cannabis oil, allowing for it to be tested when it is completely necessary for the individual.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer echoed this sentiment, stressing his support for the government’s approach but pressing for more medical expertise on the issue.

He said: “I agree with the Secretary of State that a case-by-case review of current legislation is appropriate.

“I do believe that the prescription of medical cannabis should only be considered where specifically recommended, and in line with the Chief Medical Officer’s latest advice.”

However, MP for Ashfield Gloria De Piero has criticised the government’s approach, saying that it should be doing more to accommodate the needs of people who need cannabis oil for their treatment.

She said: “The cases that have been in the news recently highlight the terrible suffering that people are enduring because the Government is refusing to grant cannabis oil licences.

“If Labour was in government, it would allow the legal prescription of cannabis oil for medical purposes and I wholly support this policy.”

Other cases have shown that cannabis oil can aid recovery and prevent the side effects of certain disorders, with the well-known case of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell revealing the benefits the oil can provide to sufferers of epilepsy.

The case in last week’s Mansfield Chad of resident Jack Sanders showed the life-extending benefits cannabis oil can potentially present, as well as significant pain relief aids akin to opiates such as morphine.

It is currently still illegal to possess cannabis oil, or any other form of cannabis, for any reason, however new evaluations will mean that using the oil for medicinal purposes would become more common when prescribed by a doctor.