Debut local movie is shot on £23 budget

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A group of independent film-makers from around Mansfield and Ashfield have produced their first movie - for just £23.

The short film, entitled In Hindsight, was filmed locally by film group Dao Film International, and tackles the topical issue of bullying.

The group has now uploaded the short onto social media and hopes to hold some local screening events to raise funds for the Megan Meier Foundation - a US-based charity which offered them support.

Cast from family and friends, the film was shot at King’s Mill Reservoir, Portland Park in Kirkby, and the Junction pub in Sutton.

Writer and actor Matthew Elliott said: “Bullying, is a common problem, so much so that nowadays it happens without people even taking notice.

“We wanted to try and find a way of reminding people, especially younger people, that the effects of such actions can be devastating.

“It’s just a reminder that we should all be more vigilant, and if there’s somebody you know who’s in this situation - stand up, and step in, because you could end up saving a life.”

Actors and crew gave their time for free on the film and the only expenditure was buying everyone a drink.

Director Glenn Howard Cunnington added: “The subject matter attracted me because I was never the most popular kid at school and I was bullied to a certain degree.

“I felt the story dealt with some very important issues regarding bullying and if you look at the news currently it’s a very relevant subject.”