Healthcare transformation announced for Mansfield and Ashfield

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NEWS: News.

NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group has approved an over-arching proposal for health and social care transformation at its Extraordinary Governing Body Meeting held this week.

Known as the Mid Nottinghamshire Better+Together Programme, the proposal sets out the opportunities to transform services over the next 5 years, ensuring they meet the health needs of future populations.

The Better+Together proposals have been developed by a wide range of clinicians and care professionals with input from members of the public.

At the meeting, Chief Officer for NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group, Amanda Sullivan described how clinicians, partners and members of the public had provided input into the proposals. These will now move into the next stage of planning for quality, sustainable services across Mid Nottinghamshire, with more opportunity for clinicians, stakeholders and members of the public to influence how it all works in practice.

Amanda Sullivan said: “We are pleased that the Governing Body has approved this proposal for transformation across Mid-Nottinghamshire. This plan has been designed to ensure our population’s future health needs can be delivered in a quality and sustainable manner.

“To reach this stage, we have worked with providers, partners, the voluntary sector, care professionals and members of the public. The public told us that they would like to see more services in the communities where they live and more care in their own homes, with a much more joined up service. We want to provide the infrastructure so that can happen but can only achieve it by transforming the way we deliver services to one which is integrated.

“At present, some models of care do not deliver best health outcomes and will not be affordable if scaled up to address the predicted growth in population demand. If we are to meet those demands, we must move forward and make these positive changes that will benefit local people.”

The CCG will now take the next steps to enable the vision to become a reality.