Hucknall health meetings branded ‘pointless’

Consultation meetings in Hucknall about health issues had so far proved ‘a waste of time’, it was claimed at this week’s meeting of Hucknall Partnership Group.

Hucknall councillor John Wilmott said there had been no feedback from meetings, organised by the NHS Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

“There seems no point in holding these meetings if nothing is going to be achieved,” he said.

He was backed by Sally Wyatt, chairman of Hucknall’s Reach Out Residents’ Group, who said: “All that happened at the last meeting was that a report was given about suggestions made at the previous meeting, but no action had been taken on them.

Hazel Buchanan, of the CCG, replied that the consultations were at an early stage and with any changes involving GP surgeries, it had to be recognised that they were self-employed contractors to the NHS.

A further health meeting will be held at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street, Hucknall, on Wednesday 8th October.

The group was told that the Hucknall East council ward had been chosen for a scheme aimed at encouraging people to “take charge of their own health”.

A report about the initiative, called C2, said there was compelling evidence that a failure by people to manage their environment could cause chronic stress, leading to poor ‘health behaviours’.

Anti-social behaviour often led to ill health, while a chaotic early life could change the way the body functioned and the brain developed.

However, it had been shown that residents, supported by service providers, could make the changes needed for improved health.

The report stated that the ‘Connecting Communities’ scheme involved creating positive new relationships between residents and agencies.

A CCG spokesman said: “There have been two meetings so far. At the first, feedback on current services and ideas on solutions were sought from residents.

“Then Kathryn Sanderson, the patient representative, fed these back to the Steering Group. The second meeting focused very much on the response of the steering group.

“These meetings are in the very early stages but patients views are being listened to.

“The steering group knows there is a need for extra primary care services in Hucknall, but the decisions about how and what are dependent on myriad factors so a solution can’t be found overnight.”