Intruder alert at King’s Mill

10-2166-3''Kings Mill Hospital.
10-2166-3''Kings Mill Hospital.

King’s Mill Hospital bosses have sought to reassure patients after an imposter dressed as a surgeon was caught on hospital grounds.

The intruder was discovered walking around at King’s Mill Hospital wearing hospital scrubs, in the early hours of Thursday sources have told Chad.

Whe he was challenged by a member of staff the man fled the scene before he could be detained.

The man was reported to have claimed to be an electrician after he was challenged by a staff near the porter’s office.

Tom Webster, Fire Prevention and Security Specialist for Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Our security department received a report of suspicious behaviour by a male in the early hours of Thursday 28th May.

Trust staff are trained to challenge people in staff areas without an ID badge and, when this person could not produce one, they were quick to report the incident.

“Security guards responded by immediately searching all departments and the hospital grounds, but the person could not be located.

“Night staff were made aware and asked to be extra vigilant.

“No further similar sightings or incidents have been reported.”

Scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by surgeons, midwives and other operating room personnel when sterilizing themselves, or “scrubbing in”, before surgery.