Last few days of the Big Summer Adventure

DURING the last few days of the summer holidays, Nottinghamshire families are being encouraged to get involved in the Change4Life campaign and the ‘Big Summer Adventure’, if they haven’t already.

NHS Nottinghamshire County is supporting the Government’s Change4Life campaign which provides parents with ideas to get the family up and about during the six-week holidays; without breaking the bank.

The ‘Fun Generator’ is an interactive tool on which provides more than 100 free, indoor and outdoor activity ideas. These range from a game of catch to through to making healthy ice lollies. If families are looking for a fun activity in their local area, there are hundreds of places to visit listed online.

Change4Life recommends that children get 60 minutes of activity every day. Children’s daily quota of activity doesn’t need to be done all at once and it can be things like jumping, skipping and dancing. This will help them burn off calories and prevent fat being stored in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. It also keeps their bones healthy and encourages muscle strength and flexibility.

Fiona Callaghan, Senior Public Health Manager from NHS Nottinghamshire County said: “As we move into the last week of the summer holidays, now is a great time for families to get up and about, and resist the lure of the TV and computers.

“We hope the Change4Life campaign will inspire families to get excited about all the great things they can do in Nottinghamshire to keep active and have fun”.