LETTER: King’s Mill debt is a real concern

Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

Recent reports in your paper have highlighted the appalling details over the PFI arrangements at King’s Mill Hospital in Sutton.

Figures have shown that Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is paying more than £3m in debt payments EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

This is an horrendous burden and means the hospital’s total cost now stands at £2.5bn - for a hospital which costs about £300m to build.

And how has this happened?

In my view it happened because Labour, yes Labour, used PFI - Private Finance Initiative money - to build the hospital when it was in power back in 2005.

I am sure the doctors and nurses at King’s Mill are doing a fabulous job but what a shame they are working at a hospital over-burdened with debt.

As your UKIP MEP I would like to assure your readers that not only will we ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery but we will also stop the use of PFI in the health services, meaning what is happening in Ashfield will not be repeated.

Margot Parker

UKIP MEP for the East


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