Meale calls for CPR training for youngsters

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Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has put his weight behind a national campaign to improve life-saving skills and insure fewer people die from heart attacks.

Sir Alan has tabled an early day motion in Parliament to support the British Heart Foundation’s Nation of Lifesavers campaign - which is fighting for all secondary-aged pupils to be taught cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

He is also calling on schools, work places and community groups to sign up for the foundation’s Call Push Rescue training kit, which teaches the basics of CPR.

Sir Alan told Chad: “By joining the Nation of Lifesavers I want to see every child in the UK finish school equipped with the necessary skills to respond in a medical emergency.

“CPR is an important skill and just 30 minutes of training could save someone’s life.”

Last month the foundation trained around 12,000 children in emergency CPR as it launched the new training kit, which is free for schools.

British Heart Foundation chief executive Simon Gillespie added: “Too many lives are lost needlessly because people don’t have the basic skills to act in life-threatening situations.”