New strategy to improve county health

Coun Joyce Bosnjak
Coun Joyce Bosnjak

Health bosses in Nottinghamshire have published a new strategy which sets out four key ambitions that will help improve residents’ health in the coming years.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board has approved the publication of the document, Our Strategy for Health and Wellbeing in Nottingham 2014 – 2017, which draws on an assessment of health needs in the county in order to set out the health goals for its residents.

These are a good start; living well; coping well and working together.

Coun Joyce Bosnjak, chair of the board, said: “The Health and Wellbeing Board is all about providing leadership, strategy and integration to the various partners that have a role health and social care locally, including GPs, hospitals and social services.

“Having the board gives us a great opportunity to identify those key things that we can make a real difference on through working together, improving our health and tackling inequalities. Our new strategy reflects that thinking, concentrating on where the need is greatest, and where we can make the most difference as a group.”

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy was finalised following a period of consultation in the autumn of 2013.

It can be found online on the County Council’s website, where a more detailed work plan if how it will be implemented will also be available shortly.