No movement on ‘confusing street signs’

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A Mansfield man who waited 40 minutes for paramedics to arrive after his wife suffered a major heart attack said ambulance staff are now responding in good time.

Last week Chad reported how Keith Henson (59) of Heanor Walk on the Oak Tree Lane estate, had performed emergency first-aid on his wife Linda (58) after paramedics struggled to find their home when she collapsed upstairs.

Mr Henson said poor street signage was to blame for the delay, and is calling on council bosses to improve signage around the estate.

After Chad exposed the problem, East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) placed notes on its system so ambulance drivers could more easily find Heanor Walk.

And when Mrs Henson was taken ill again last week, paramedics were at the scene within six minutes.

“The paramedics are absolutely fantastic and I want to make it clear that in my view it is the lack of street signs that are the problem.

“The ambulance not being able to find our home was the latest problem in a wider issue.

“You can’t see Heanor Walk from Edale Road and we need the district council to improve the signs on Glossop Avenue to list all the walkways that run off it.

“The existing signs are hidden by trees and parked cars and it’s not just the ambulance service - it causes all sorts of problems.”

In a statement issued last week, Mansfield District Council said: “If a road sign is missing or has been vandalised, or a new sign is required, the public should contact Mansfield District Council. The site will then be inspected and a new sign will be ordered if necessary.”

But Mr Henson told Chad that he first approached the authority about the problem with the signs after Linda was taken ill, but was referred to Nottinghamshire County Council.

After Chad exposed the problem last week, council inspectors said the area has adequate signage and told Keith they lacked the funds for anymore, he said.

The issue has now been referred to senior staff at the authority for further consideration.

Other readers have also contacted Chad through our Facebook page to complain about the problem of poor and confusing road signs around the Oak Tree Lane estate.

Residents say that it is not just the emergency services, but mail is frequently delivered to the wrong houses and couriers cannot find residents homes.

Donna Buck said: “We live on Oak Tree Lane and we have to give another street name when giving people directions because the ‘walks’ do not show on a sat nav - even state-of-the-art ones don’t.”

Chad reader Kodie Wass said: “Me and my sister went to drop off some bedding to a lady in Oak Tree recently and she had to give us instructions using different street names.

“There are too many streets tucked away with no roads, just walk ways that don’t show up on satnavs because there’s no actual road, just pedestrian access.”

Dale Pashley added: “The council needs to pull its finger out and upgrade signs.”

PICTURED: Keith and Linda Henson and Heanor Walk in Mansfield, pictured from Glossop Avenue.