Nottinghamshire County Council mark National Mental Health week

Community event.
Community event.

Nottinghamshire County Council is marking National Mental Health Awareness Week (12th-18th May) to launch a consultation on a new vision for tackling poor mental health across the county.

The consultation on the draft “No health without mental health, Nottinghamshire’s mental health strategy 2014-17” launches on Monday 12th May and will run until Friday 4th July.

Nottinghamshire County Council is asking for the views of the general public, people who use mental health services and professionals on the draft strategy and its aims.

In Nottinghamshire it is estimated that there are over 86,500 adults experiencing common mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, and more than 3,000 suffering severe mental illness. People suffering from poor mental health also often have other physical health problems.

Nottinghamshire County Council has also demonstrated its commitment to improving mental health by signing up to the local authority Mental Health Challenge which sets out actions councils can take to promote mental health across all of its business.

Coun Joyce Bosnjak, chairman of the Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board and Nottinghamshire’s Mental Health Champion said: “Good mental health has been shown to result in health, social and economic benefits for individuals, communities and society, building resilience to mental health problems, and helping people who suffer with them have to be a priority for all partners that are involved in the Health and Wellbeing Board.

“Mental Health Awareness Week is a good reminder that mental health should be out in the open and talked about as freely as any other illness. This consultation is a good opportunity for everyone to engage in this issue and have your say in how we address it across Nottinghamshire.”